What if the secret of health lies at the center of disease?

At Sonata, we are designing Network Medicines™ that reprogram diseased cells to become the coordinators of cure.
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About Sonata

Sonata asks the question, what if we could create therapeutics that reprogram diseased cells to become the coordinators of cure?

Sonata Therapeutics is transforming the drivers of disease to become the coordinators of cure, creating a new class of therapeutics called Network Medicines™. These are the first therapeutics designed specifically to reprogram diseased cells to release signals that modulate and coordinate multicellular networks towards cure. This paradigm shift in drug development – identifying and drugging targets based on their ability to initiate a cascade of activity that optimizes the network effects in the entire disease microenvironment – could significantly advance the field of oncology, fibrosis and many other diseases where multicellular networks play a role in disease initiation and progression.

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Flagship CEO Chat - Volker Herrmann CEO of Sonata Therapeutics

Our Science

The Big Data multicellular network problem.

To transform diseased cells into coordinators of cure, you need to holistically understand the multicellular networks in which they are operating.

Cells may be the ultimate Big Data processors, constantly analyzing and responding to a wide variety of signals—from their environment and other cells—that influence their behavior.

Diseased cells often subvert this hardware to send pathologic signals to other cells in their network, perpetuating a cycle of dysfunction and disease progression.

We are redefining the drug development paradigm by designing Network Medicines™ that reprogram diseased cells to instead release curative signals, resulting in durable disease resolution.

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Our Platform

Know, Don’t Guess™

Sonata’s platform delivers unprecedented insights into complex diseases to generate better, earlier decision making during the drug development process and yield more effective treatments across a broad range of diseases.

We maximize the power of machine learning by generating high-throughput datasets of proprietary experimental results upfront, prior to target or therapeutic selection, to know precisely (instead of guessing) what signals are required to drive multicellular networks toward cure and how to stimulate their release.

We use these unique insights to then precision engineer small molecule and genetic-based therapeutics that drive cure.

Our Leadership

Backed by decades of successful drug discovery, drug development and value creation experience, our team leads with a passion and sense of urgency to rapidly bring our innovative therapeutics to patients in need.

background imageVolker Herrmann
Chief Executive Officer and President
background imageFrancesco Marincola, M.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
background imageErik Hett, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer
background imageCarlos Sanmarco, Pharm.D., MBA
SVP, Program Management & Operations
background imageMichael Crescenzi, MBA
Vice President, Strategy & Business Development
background imageMelissa Myint
Vice President, Head of Exploratory Biology
background imageJoyce Hu, Ph.D.
background imageSapna Mehtani, Ph.D., J.D.
Vice President, Head of Intellectual Property & Legal Affairs
background imageNathan Edwards
Head of Finance
background imageChrista Corzatt
Head of Human Resources
background imageAaron Mackey VP
Vice President of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Head of Data Sciences

Board of Directors

Doug Cole, M.D.
Sonata Founder & Chairman, Managing Partner, Flagship Pioneering
Volker Herrmann, M.D., MBA
Chief Executive Officer and President
John Hohneker, M.D.
Former SVP, Global Head of Development, Novartis
Theo Melas-Kyriazi, MBA
Advisor Partner, Flagship Pioneering, Former CFO, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Michael Rosenblatt, M.D.
Senior Advisor, Flagship Pioneering, Former CMO, Flagship & Merck
David Scadden, M.D.
Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital, Director, Center for Regenerative Medicine

Scientific Advisors & Collaborators

Peter J. Gough, D.Phil
Chief Scientific Officer, Nimble Therapeutics
Doug Green, Ph.D.
St. Jude’s, Chair Immunology
Marcella Maus, M.D., Ph.D.
HMS; Director of Cellular Immunotherapy, Mass General Cancer Center
Yury Popov, M.D., Ph.D.
Harvard/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Gastroenterology
Dave Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D.
Cancer Center Director, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


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Work at Sonata

At Sonata, we are a dynamic, collaborative, and enthusiastic team dedicated to developing drugs that will have significant patient impact. We are looking for individuals with a passion for paradigm-changing ideas to join us.

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Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you.

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